Zhang Yang’s Film Score Among the Winners at View of the World

After beating out more than several thousands applicants, composer and music producer Zhang Yang (also known as Yang Zhang) won the award for Best Music for a Non-Produced Film for her track “The World Is Retro” at the Views of the World Film & Music Festival. Listen to “The World is Retro” on Spotify here.

The cool thing about this music project is that it has a totally independent value while remaining the score function for this new media project. The chemistry between film noir and EDM is so organic; you can smell their seamless connection.” said Zhang Yang following receiving the award for Best Music for a Non-Produced Film. The style of Zhang Yang’s work is diverse and unique with a blend of retro and future. This award-winning music composition is derived from her score project titled “Tikiwikifiki” for Flint Dille. Flint is known for his animated work for box office super hits such as Transformers and G.I. Joe. The whole score part evolves a sense of film noir style by infusing futuristic EDM music elements, re-defining the renaissance style by the touch of futurism.

Running from September 22 to 25, the festival included world premiere screenings, networking, professional development panels, keynote speakers, and a judged competition in three media: film, scripts, and film music. View the full list of award winners here.

“I think artists today have the mission not only to develop their music but to build up their digital communities where they can interface their creativity, technical solution, distribution and the relationship together with fans. Digital evolution has dramatically shifted the entire music industry; it will be more and more independent music brands with stylistic music tastes emerge in the future, and I think it will be the positive sign.” Yang Zhang told AXS during an recent interview.

About Yang Zhang

Zhang Yang Music Publishing features Hollywood-based composer, producer and music publisher Zhang Yang’s (also known as Yang Zhang) forward thinking and creative music catalog for films, television, movie trailers, video games, advertising and albums, as well as her innovative business concept of new media platforms, music production and publishing business. By bringing over more than a decade of production and music publishing experiences, she and her production team will provide high-quality custom scoring and production service, licensable music underscore catalog (songs, trailer music, and underscore) and other post-audio elements. Visit Zhang Yang Music Publishing here for more information.

About Views of the World Music Festival

Combining a passion for quality filmmaking and an interest in promoting social and environmental justice, the Views of the World Film and Music Festival is without equal. With the intention of becoming an annual event in Montreal, the first edition is shaping up to be an enriching experience for attendees and judges alike.

The festival is an outgrowth of international media company XII Tribes Entertainment and as such, it naturally adopted the company’s robust mission statement of social and environmental justice, including gender parity, minority representation, and sustainable growth. As the name suggests, “Views of the World” encourages diverse perspectives with the ultimate purpose of creating and promoting art that advocates progressive change.

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